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Wash-Out Hair: These short hairstyles don’t require styling!

Yıkanma Saçları: Bu kısa saç stilleri şekillendirme gerektirmez!


Gray Hair No More
Fusses için bu saç kesim modelleri 🙂

Did you cut your hair before? If you’re not taking a short hair, you may be hesitant! Actually, it can be your haircut that you cannot give up when you discover its convenience and ease! Especially those who do not have the time to shape their hair for a long time should definitely prefer us.

If you want your hair to look beautiful without being styled, you should definitely look at these short hairstyles!

Folded bob cutting

Katlanmış bob kesme
You’re free to use this short haircut as messy as you want because it looks so messy, so cool! In this version of the bob cutting hair that has been a trend for many years, the back and front of the hair are shorter than the sides. There are also layers starting from the nose. This way the hair looks much more voluminous. Short hair styling is easier than you think!


Blonde short hairstyle

Sarışın kısa saç modeli

Women with short-haired hair are now also seen in social media, street styles, and we are very cool! At the level of the jaw, you can shape the short cut hair cut with a curling iron, straightener and blunt hair.


Sarışın kısa saç modeli

Even if you want half a bun to pick up a very cool look.

Short hairstyle moving front


Kısa saç modeli hareketli ön

At the height of the jaw, the moving short hair model with multiples in front of them is one of our favorites! Wash your hair, just before scanning LiOréal Paris Studio Pro Boost It Volume Spray, such as a hair spray applied to apply! Since your hair is short, you will dry out quickly and you will get a nice look without having to shape it.

Pixie Short Hairstyle

Pixie Kısa Saç

From the front to the back, the shortened pixie haircuts are ideal for those who want to change their appearance and add a little bit of rebellion! This hair model does not need to be shaped because the back part of the hair is shaped with natural volume due to the layers.

Tomboy short haircut model

Erkek fatma kısa saç kesimi modeli

This haircut, called the Tomboy, with the shorter back and side sections and the long hairs starting from the top, is also for those who want to look beautiful with minimum styling!


Haircut with shaved sides

Tıraşlı tarafla saç kesimi
If you want a little more original look, you should definitely give the shaved short hair a chance. This haircut is slightly shorter than the top and the front part, so it’s just a short cut!

Choppy style

Dalgalı tarzı
There is no need to shape the choppy, which has long rivets, and has a scattered appearance, which has a folded, folded hairstyle. Because it has a natural volume, you can dry the hair after the bath!



Gray Hair No More

The haircut will show you both young and energetic. If you don’t want to spend too much time shaping your hair, we suggest you think about the fringe. So your hair will look cool enough after washing your hair. Especially for those who have a medium hair size, you can use the hair style with your hair that is very good.

Long hair

Uzun saç

Long hair seems to be difficult to use, but it is one of the easiest hair cuts. If you have healthy long hair, you will not need to spend time shaping your hair. Your hair will be enough to flutter hair. If you want to collect your hair, you can be inspired by thick and shabby braids.

Asymmetric short hair

Asimetrik kısa saç
Short haircuts are also one of the most practical recommendations. Asymmetric short hair, both practicality and stylish appearance in our hearts are established! You can make this haircut cool with different hair colors. Platinum shades of yellow, silver, gray colors of interest by choosing the hair you prefer, tell us!


Saç kesimi

You can prefer the hair cut of the hair with a fine stranded or straight neck.

Saç kesimi
However, we do not recommend it if it is thick or curly because you may have to shape the bangs continuously. Instead, you can choose the long hair on the front of the hair that we call the side rivet.

Long bob hair

Uzun bob saç

Uzun bob saç kesimi 2018 damgası ve 2019’da devam ediyor gibi görünüyor! Bu saç kesiminin saçınızın omuz hizasında olması için çok çaba harcamanıza gerek yok. Saçını taradıktan sonra, hacme hacim veren saç spreyi uygulamanız gerekir.

Uzun bob saç

Daha pürüzsüz ve pürüzsüz bir görünüm istiyorsanız, saçınızı kolayca düzleştirebilirsiniz çünkü çok uzun bir kılınız olmaz. Saçınızı düzleştirdikten sonra bile Elseve Miraculous Oil Saç Güzelleştirici Krem saçınızı pürüzsüz görünmesini sağlamak için bile pürüzsüz görünmesini sağlayabilir ve böylece saçınızın gün boyu düz görünmesini sağlayabilirsiniz.


Gray Hair No More

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