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The Secret of the Ideal Horse Tail from Jennifer Lopez

The Secret of the Ideal Horse Tail from Jennifer Lopez


Gray Hair No More


It’s an indisputable fact that Jennifer Lopez has carried totally different hair appears from scattered mace to amazon braids. Jennifer Lopez, who offers magnificence and joker concepts to magnificence lovers along with her ceaselessly modified hairstyles, is on our radar in magnificence along with her flawed however flawless ponytail.

JLo scattered her hair in a ponytail and braids as a substitute of her most popular jet end, including quantity to her ponytail along with her hopeless bobmshell curls. However in accordance with the hair artisti Chris Appleton, this look is the top of textured end on Jennifer Lopez’s ponytail and bangs. Chris, taking the extra scattered and fewer effervescent impact from his sea salt spray, thinks that the ocean salt spray with the rivets needs to be an integral pair. Optimum quantity of quantity and optimum quantity of texture: This redeeming mannequin, which you’ll apply to your hair that you’ve got dried a day earlier than, with none scattered curls or hair, takes its place within the nook of our inspiration panel as we enter the weekend.

Attractive and Sensible Coiffure from Jennifer Lopez

Hacimli Atkuyruğu

Cumbersome Ponytail

Jennifer Lopez’s favourite bullwhip, the favorites will accompany your night time view. You will get this look by giving foam or sea salt spray to your hair that you just gather in a messy method.


Moist Tissue

The scanned hair will add a easy class to your look with its masculine angle. All you must do for this mannequin is to search out the correct merchandise. You will get a contemporary look with moist texture by making use of two totally different merchandise, certainly one of which is a fixative, with a shiny end.

Joker Örgü

Joker Knitting

If you happen to’re bored with the traditional horsetail, braid your coiffure like Jennifer Lopez. When you have little or skinny hair, make a thick knit to make a voluminous braid and thicken it by creping and begin with this.


Auger Knob

The day-to-night gown bun together with your garments is a helper of easy magnificence. In order for you, you may gather your hair easily with a bushy brush like Jennifer Lopez, or you may deliver your hair along with a extra messy look. After passing this stage, your final step is to steer your hair round with wire buckles.

Amazon Kadını

Amazon Girl

The placing, efficient and impressive mannequin is a favourite of Jennifer Lopez’s pink carpet and stage fashion. The key of this excessive ponytail, which provides a powerful picture, is a thick hair cuff that you’ll use after gathering the hair and add an Amazon angle to this mannequin.


Textured Curls

Seksapel dose high-volume curls are very suitable with Jennifer Lopez’s female fashion! You may attain this look with a variety of hair curling iron. After shaping your curls for this voluminous mannequin, put your hair ahead and separate it together with your fingers and apply a texture donor spray.

Yarım Toplama

Half Assortment

It is Jennifer Lopez’s experience to sexually visualize a glance! This female look is the important thing to silk-smooth hair. Scan your hair tightly over your ears, and easily wavy the ends barely. Add softness and sparkle with a shiny end with none fixing impact to your curls that you just smooth by scanning.

Gray Hair No More

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