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27 Chic Short Bob Hairstyles

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The one hairstyle that works for everyone? The bob! From fine hair to thick, course locks, you can’t go wrong with trying out an adorable short bob, especially because its one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles out there. So, what are you waiting for? We’ve pulled together the trendiest chic bob hairstyles to give you a little inspiration.
Choppy Bob
Posted on Instagram by @JessicaHoover33
The choppy short bob is the perfect hairstyle for ladies with thin hair. The layers give your locks a much-needed lift, and it requires little to no styling.
Bob with Twist
Posted on Instagram by @shannonledger, Styled by @robynhairmakeup
One of the easiest ways to glam up your short bob hairstyle is with a braid or twist at the front. Add some curls, spritz with a texturizing spray, and you’re all set!
Metallic Layered Bob
Posted on Instagram by @headrushdesigns
The short bob is a relatively “safe” option as far as women’s short hairstyles go, so adding a pop of bold, metalltic color is the perfect way to create an edgy look. (And if you’re into this shade, check out our guide on Metallic Hair Dye!)
Platinum Blonde Short Bob
Posted on Instagram by @chrisjones_hair
A short bob is perfect for blondes because it shows off the dimension of the color. From platinum to more ashy shades, you get to show off everything you’re working with. (Psst – if you want to go one step lighter than this, check out our guide on How to get White Hair.)
Balayage Bob
Posted on Instagram by chrisjones_hair2
This is another look that’s great for ladies with fine hair because the bob and balayage work together to create tons of dimension, making your hair look ten times thicker.
Pixie Bob
Posted on Instagram by @karlavarleyhairartist
If you’re leaning on the shorter side, a pixie bob is the right choice. With longer, swooping layers, you still have room to style your locks the way you want, without all the hassle and maintenance that comes with having longer hair.
Curled Bob
Posted on Instagram by @chrisjones_hair
The stacked bob works best for women with thick hair, and while it looks low maintenance, it can be handful to handle it you try to flat iron all those layers. However, if you stick to tousled soft waves, it doesn’t take long to style.
Bob with Shaved Sides
Editorial credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com
Another way to pull off an edgier bob hairstyle is to add an undercut or shaved sides. It doesn’t limit your styling options, either.
Tousled Bob
Editorial credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com
Many older women love sporting the bob hairstyle because of its versatility. If you want to replicate this blown-out bob, use a round brush when you blow dry to create extra volume. Side note: if you love this look, you’ve got to check out these 50 Hot Hairstyles For Women Over 50.
Top Knot Bob
Photo credit: Matteo Chinellato / Shutterstock.com
Sometimes, second-day hairstyles are a must, and this is one of our faves. Just spray a bit of shampoo and throw the top layer of your hair into a messy bun.
Classic Stacked Bob with Bangs
Posted on Instagram by @owlcovediana
We don’t see this bob hairstyle often anymore, but when we do, we love it. It works best if you have thick hair and have the desire to maintain bangs.
Icy Blue Bob
Posted on Instagram by @balaygeandombre & @hairbyian
Who doesn’t love an icy hue like this one? For those bold enough to try it, you’ll love how it looks with a short bob.
Blunt Bob
Posted on Instagram by @ellendevinehair
A blunt bob works for all hair types, but we recommend it for ladies with thin hair because it makes your locks look instantly thicker. Who doesn’t want that?
Silver Bob
Posted on Instagram by @rachelwstylist
We’re drooling. This silver/gray bob is one of our favorites on this list and looks adorable with tousled, beachy waves. To replicate it, take a large-barrell curling iron and curl in one-inch sections, alternating dirctions each time.
Bob with Blonde Highlights
Posted on Instagram by @studiobesalon_lindsayh
Adding highlights to a short bob hairstyle gives your locks even more dimension, making them appear thicker.
Bob With Soft Bangs
Editorial credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
If you’re not into the blunt bob, adding side-swept bangs is a perfect way to soften the look. For more stylish looks like this, check out these 60 Hairstyles for Women Over 60.
Wavy Bob

You may not change your hairstyle as often as Rihanna, but we’d say this is a safe look to land on if you want to try a new short haircut. To replicate her look, you’ll want to apply a texturizing product like Beach Club Texture Spray to wet hair (excluding the bangs). Then, blow dry bangs with a round brush and dry the rest of the hair with a diffuser to achieve those beachy waves.
Piecey Bob
Posted on Instagram by @ambermcmahen
The textured bob hairstyle is a happy-medium between straight and curled, giving you a classy, put-together style you can wear anywhere.
Angled Bob with Fringe Bangs
Photo credits: @andersoncouto
This bob hairstyle shouts Alexis Bledel (AKA Rory from Gilmore Girls), and who doesn’t want to resemble America’s Sweetheart? But fair warning – this hairstyle requires more maintanence than most because of the blunt ends and bangs.
Graduated Bob
Posted on Instagram by @schmoakin_hair
Opting for a graduated bob is a great way to diversify your bob hairstyle. Its stacked layers add instant volume in the back, too.
Long Bob
Posted on Instagram by @dannyscoiffureunisex
If you know one thing about us, it’s that we are obsessed with the lob haircut (long bob) – so much so we wrote an entire blog on how to style it. We love it in this icy metallic hair color, but it looks just as darling in other shades.
Blonde Bob

Carrie Underwood is known for trying out hairstyles on opposite ends of the spectrum. From waist-length locks to this adorable blonde bob, we think she looks good in anything.
Bob for Fine Hair
Posted on Instagram by @chrisjones_hair
If you’ve got thin locks and want to rock this short bob hairstyle, you have to have the right products. We recommend using a thickening product like Redken’s Aerate on damp hair, as well as a round brush when you blow dry. Your new ‘do will thank you!
Bob Wig

It’s no secret – Kylie’s short bob hairstyle is a wig. If you don’t want to commit to chopping off ten inches of hair, or you simply want to try out a new look for a night out, wigs are a great way to experiment. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog on the Best Wigs for Women.
Short In The Back, Long In The Front
Posted on Instagram by @katetwigg
We’re swooning over this bob hairstyle. This option is great for ladies who don’t have time – or don’t want to – spend much time in front of the mirror getting ready. Simply blow dry with a round brush and flat iron for a casual, chic style.
Red Bob with Wispy Layers

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-manage bob hairstyle, this one’s for you. To get the tousled, purposefully-messy look, we recommend using a sea salt spray. For more looks like this? Check out our blog on red hairstyles.
Deep Part Bob

Selena never fails to impress us, whether she’s rocking her signature long black locks or an unexpected platinum blonde lob. Regardless, we can’t get enough of her hair inspiration. You’ll also find Selena in our roundup of chic celebrity lobs.
So, what happened when your short bob hairstyle grows out into a…long bob? Check out these adorable ways to style a lob haircut!

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