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20 Easy, Everyday Hairstyles For Black Women

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This year, our motto is – think smarter, not harder, which conveniently can apply to just about everything in life. As for hair, this means that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We know, we know. Everyone wants to be different, and everyone wants to be a trendsetter, but if you have looked at Pinterest lately, you’ll quickly learn that just about every hairstyle, beauty trend, and fashion statement has already been invented. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to come up with anything new, nor do you need to hunt down the hottest looks floating around on social media. We’ve compiled the only list you will need all year long – 20 easy, everyday hairstyles for black women.
Whether you’re rocking your natural locks, have a gorgeous weave, or rocking some hair extensions, we’ve got the look for you. And the best part is, none of these looks will take you long to do (so long as you have box braids for the styles that require it, you know?) So hit the snooze button a couple more times, sip your coffee, and scroll through Insta’ a bit longer. You’ll be sure to save time during your morning haircare routine with any of these easy styles:
Disclosure: there are some products we feel so strongly about, that we can’t help but promote them with affiliate links. This blog post contains some of those fantastic products, and we may receive a small monetary compensation – at no extra cost to you – if you decide to check out these products we love.
Half Up Bun With Soft Waves
Posted on Instagram by @andreaschoice
How glam does this half-up style look? You can wear it straight or with curls, but the focus is all on the bun. To replicate it, section the top layer of your hair off and pull back into a pony with a clear elastic. Then, spiral wrap the hair around the elastic and pin in place. To create the effortlessly-messy look, gently loosen the pun with your fingers and spray with hairspray.
Curly Messy Bun
Curls are required for this spunky bun – so sorry if you’ve recently gotten a silky straight weave. However, if you are blessed with spirals like these, this look requires virtually no styling. Just pull your locks into a high pony and loop it into a bun.
Pulled Back Dreads
Posted on Tumblr by @blackgirlsrpretty2
If you’ve got dreads, you’ve got to try out this style. The giant half-up bun is almost royal-looking and gives you a chance to change up your everyday look.
Royal High Bun
Posted on Instagram by @evesteps
Speaking of royal… These dreaded-tendrils give your high bun a romantic, sweet flare.
Braided Low Bun
Posted on Instagram by @lilrynn
Tired of wearing your braids down? Spice up your look with a low bun. One, it gives you the chance to show off adorable earrings, and two – it creates a classy, more formal look from your once everyday-chic look.
Cropped Cut With Headband
How adorable is this headband? If you’re rocking a curly pixie, you might get bored with having minimal styling options, but it’s all in the accessories! Get a look-alike gold hairpiece on Amazon.
Slicked Back Buns
If you’re rocking your natural curls, this is a bold, yet simple style to achieve. It’s perfect for music festivals, concerts, or a night out with the ladies. If you like this look, check out these other adorable bun hairstyles.
Thick Twists Into Low Bun
Posted on Instagram by @lipstickncurls
Elegant, simple, and sexy, these twists are incredibly chic. Wear a low bun to the store, to brunch, or to a meeting – it’s perfect for any occasion.
Shaved Sides, Long Top
Posted on Tumblr
There’s more to life than long hair, and this style proves it. Pull off an undercut like this one, and we will respect you for life.
Slicked Back Bun
Posted on Instagram by @imadamejay
Who doesn’t love any easy messy bun? Nobody needs to know it only took you five minutes to get ready today because you’ll look like a million bucks.
Thick Braids
Posted on Instagram by @conteh_hair_braiding
These thick braids scream confidence and pair well with nearly any outfit of your choice.
Purple Pixie
Posted on Instagram by @contactevie
Change up your look with a new pop of color and a tousled pixie. This short haircut is super simple to style and looks amazing with all face shapes.
Cropped Curls
Posted on Instagram by @nandii_m
If you were blessed with natural curls like these, try out a lob haircut. You’ll be shocked how much less product you go through and how easy it is to style.
Straight Bob
Posted on Instagram by @pekelariley
Another short haircut we love is this sleek bob. Whether you rock a wig or straighten your hair, it’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that looks chic.
Ombre Braids
Posted on Instagram by @hairpleats
If you normally wear your hair in braids, adding a little ombre is a perfect way to change things up, especially for summer!
Layered Crop Cut
Posted in @pekelariley
With a layered short haircut like this, styling takes no time. Plus, it’s long enough to straighten, curl, or leave natural.
Beachy Curls
Regardless of the length of your hair, you can pull off these waves. Because they’re supposed to look messy, all you need to do is take a small barrel curling iron and create loose curls.
Shoulder Length Braids
One of the easiest ways to add some glam to everyday braids or dreads is to accessorize with metallic cuffs and a hat.
Platinum Braids
Posted on Instagram by @didorich
Adding some braids to your natural curls creates this bohemian goddess look.
Braided Bob
Posted on Instagram by @melviee
How adorable is this braided bob? It’s versatile and works for nearly any face shape.
Looking for something a bit more formal? Check out these stunning wedding hairstyles for black women.

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