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16 Must-Try Hairstyles For Black Men

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Ready to try something new? We know it’s tempting when you walk into the barbershop to sink into that cozy leather chair and not give it a second thought. All your worries float away when you hear the buzz of the clippers, and you don’t think twice when your barber starts to give you the same haircut you’ve been getting for the past five years. While we’re sure it looks great on you, it’s time to branch out and give something else a shot. Check out our list of must-try hairstyles for black men – trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

1. Highlighted Curls
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If you’re bored with the natural color of your locks, add a splash of blonde to the ends. It creates a striking look paired with short curls and a full beard.
3. Close Crop
Posted by @shesthebarber on Instagram
The simpler the better, right guys? This clean cut looks sharp, and if your barber is skilled, have him do a subtle fade around the face.
4. Low Fade and Full Beard
Men’s Hairstylist
There’s no better pair than the fade and the beard. The close shave at the bottom of the cut highlights the line up around the face, making it look clean and sleek, but manly at the same time.
5. Asymmetrical Cut with a Hard Part
Who says everything needs to be lined up perfectly? Take a clean cut like the high fade and add an interesting twist with a hard part and long, shaggy curls on top. It’s best to wear this hairstyle for black men with a beard to complete the look.
6. Short Afro
Posted by @shesthebarber on Instagram
Keeping your locks this short shows off the volume and texture, as well as a clean line up around the face. It looks great with a goatee, mustache, or full beard – or if you’re daring enough, try it clean-shaven.
7. High Fade with a Beard
Posted by @shesthebarber on Instagram
The high fade with a beard is a perfect hairstyle for black men with a rounder face. It helps to make facial features look longer. Note – this effect is accentuated even more with longer hair on top and a long beard.
8. Nearly Bald Buzz Cut
Posted by Rael Costa on Instagram
If you’ve always had longer locks, we dare you to shave it all off. This close crop looks slick and requires absolutely no maintenance.
9. High Bun with a Bandana
If your braids are long enough, you have the luxury of throwing them up in a pony or bun. We’re loving this new, artsy look more than ever before.
10. Intricate Braids
Posted by @willnotwilly on Instagram
ASAP Rocky made this look famous, rocking braids that went every which way. This look has gone from fun and youthful to a powerful fashion statement, being sported by many of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry. And, if braids are long enough, you can pull them back into a pony or bun for a more sleek look.
11. Cropped Cut and Beard
Drake is proof that growing a beard can completely transform a face. His makes him look older, more manly, and edgier – especially with this buzz cut with the line design shaved into it.
12. Mid Fade with Waves
Another fresh, shorter hairstyle for black men is the mid fade with waves. We love seeing this look with a five o’clock shadow.
13. Mid Fade with Medium-Length Dreads
Bello Blog
There’s something bold and adventurous about pairing a mid fade with dreads like these. With a line design shaved into the cut and a well-groomed beard, you’ve got yourself a seriously dope haircut.
14. Bald Fade with Braids on Top
Another one of our favorite hairstyles for black men this season is the bald fade, with braids on top, pulled back into a man bun. This style leaves room to experiment – with hard parts, shaved line designs, and even dreads if you want to switch up the top half of the hair. We suggest pairing the style with a little stubble or a mustache.
15. Bald Fade with Hard Part
For a shorter style, try this bald fade with a hard part. It’s a creative take on the parted hairstyles that become so popular this year, like the combover and the pompadour.
For even more hairstyles for black men, check out some of our other favorites, The Top 10 Latest Hairstyles For Men.

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